CYO Officials Are Now Using Eventlink 
 For Officiating Signups and More 

All CYO Officials Need To Have an Eventlink Account 
 Important Details Are As Follows

  • If you are new to Eventlink
     Please create an account and enter the sports you will be officiating for CYO (ex: kickball, girls’ basketball, football). Officials new to Eventlink will need to input their bank account information to get paid as well as fill out a 1099.
  • If you are already on Eventlink
     Be sure your account allows middle school games to be assigned to you. Even though your bank account information is in the system, you will be required to sign another 1099 for CYO sports.  All officials will receive a direct deposit to their account every two weeks for the games you worked.
  • Important:  
     Please email Kerry Lynch ( and let her know when you create a new account or if you already have an Eventlink account. 

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out.  Thank you.
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